Refine Your Yoga – Todays topic has to do with “Arm Balance”

Todays topic has to do with my classes today. We focused on Arm Balancing, which has many of the same qualities of Chaturanga or plank  except the shoulder and T-spine tend to go into to much of a protracted position. What I like to imprint during the practice is to use  non- weight bearing poses of the shoulders to teach  how to engage specific muscles to retract the blades even though they are in a protracted position. Eagle arms can be a great tool for this ! Bakasana is shown below – check out the reaching of chest without over compressing the cervical spine. Here a couple of points to remember




1. As always breath

2. Think of your body as being lighter

3. Pelvic floor engaged but not to raged ” aggressive”

4. Focus gaze a couple inches in front of hands – Retract shoulder blades until the sun comes up through your heart – keep neck long, place knees as high up the arms as possible.

5. Stabilize inner core and then root down through hands especially inner parts- Press the area under your knuckles get intimate with the floor. 

6. Faith- that you can hold yourself up – but not just from the arms – don’t rely on the tri-ceps to do everything. Once you get comfortable- bring heels towards buttocks.

7. Take the training wheels off and give it a try – place some cushions down in case you kiss the floor.

Good luck….. let me know how it goes





What in the Chaturanga is going on here.

Most of you know I love to teach alignment. This has been a passion of mine for many years. So lets talk about Scapular Stabilization for a little bit—  Forget the fancy definitions and deliveries. Basically when we come into this pose we have to resist gravity especially in the shoulder complex and Lower back.  Below is a list that I have found to be effective at helping to create stability and strength through our core and more.

1 – Breath – Every athlete and movement creature has known this for many years– feel the power of a complete and deep breath

2. Thoughts – Mental strength -Don’t give in- resist gravity- 

3. Navel lifting to chest so that spine stays in it’s neutral position, inner core engagement- coupled by reaching chest forward, which will keep blades on the back- and help to hug elbows in and keep hands grounded

4. Reach back through legs and heels extending from inner unit to outer unit.

5. Breath again and feel the steadiness and serenity.

Modifications – do it on you back or wall. Then you can out knees on the ground as well. Stay positive and patient.

Namaste !










What’s the difference Between Men and Women

Lately ,I have been using boxing as my Yang to help clients with dynamic and quick movements to express themselves differently then Yoga. I have been really surprised how beneficial the boxing has been to help bring out the stronger more courageous part of people. However,in general I have noticed that the men have an easier time with the boxing aspect. But, when it comes to flexibility and overall grace, no offense guys, the women really flourished. Of course this is a big generalization, but I have seen this enough to back this statement up. So women go out and hit the bag and get in touch with your inner warrior and men, learn to take a chill pill and breath more.Unknown

Wonderful Wednesday, what’s in your Life Bag !

God morning, It’s amazing to wake up and not know what this day may bring ! Make sure you pack your bag with love, strength, compassion and persistence to name a few. Depending on what comes up make sure to understand what tools work for each situation.

         “How do we do that ” that’s a great question Sit and spend some time is thought and many things will become clear. But even then we may still use the wrong ones- however the only way to get efficient is to use them and then we refine our tolls of the trade ! Namaste 

Focused and Fearless

Good thursday to you, Congrats to U.S.A. will meet Belgium in the knock out stage. Have you wondered why, even when things are going well we tend to sometimes focus on the negatives. This reminds me of playing sports. The moment we finished the game there was always room for improvement. Wouldn’t it be great to hear the coach say –  “we won, perfect game -no practice for a week ” No the coach never says that because they know we have to stay focused and fearless. We should have the same discipline when it comes to our life. Wake up everyday with a desire to live and learn from each moment— whether we hit a Home run or strike out – we still have to train for the game !

So take some time and smell your thoughts – get to know what kind of player your are and work on your strengths, but more on your weaknesses  even more.

Namaste !

World Cup and Chair Pose

images Unknown-1

Hello, I hope your enjoying the world cup. Yesterday was the first time ever, where they stopped the game in order to let players get a drink of water. Very nice to see that money doesn’t rule everything. To many  of our games get interrupted by T.V timeouts and all this other advertising hoopla. Soccer with it’s constant flow of the game is a welcomed reprieve from our media hungry society. Anyway I watched the way the players were using their hips to bend and jump and it reminded me of a dynamic chair pose. So many times in Yoga we do this pose with much to be desired. Make sure when you bend it’s with your hips and not your lower back and or knees.  The poses on the left is mechanically sound, while the pose on the right is creating undue stress or to much load on the lower back.