This blog will be reflective of the many different disciplines I have experienced throughout my life, both mentally and physically. I was born in Staten Island New York. From the moment I came into this life my interests were based in movement, particularly sports. I like competition and how the mind plays a role in these situations. As a young whipper snapper I played  baseball, football, basketball and even attempting hockey but to no avail. At nineteen I became a Golden Gloves boxer in New York. The next step in my development  moved  me into dancing at Broadway Dance Center in Manhattan. Dancing taught me to move my body and breath in a more connected way then ever before. When I relocated to Cali, I interned at E.S.P.N while training in play-by play sports announcing and anchoring. It was  a great experience to deepen my understanding of sports. From here I naturally went into Yoga first as a practitioner and then as a teacher. I have  been fortunate to parlay all these skills to teach Yoga to many wonderful students throughout the years. I also had the great opportunity of being hired to work with the University of Texas Mens Basketball Team. As a result of these varied experiences and training, I have been able to enjoy my life on a deeper level. Over the last couple of years my I have done extensive training on bio- mechanics and dealing with the lower back disorders . I’m lucky to have studied with many great Yoga Teachers including Maty Ezraty,Lisa Walford and Annie carpenter.I have also been fortunate to study with Gary Gray and Stuart Magill. I teach daily classes at yogaworks westwood and also Privates. I can be reached at


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