Asana Corner —Lunge – Crescent


Hello yogis and sports fans alike, well not really alike except in there affinity for movement. Popular in athletics and yoga is the lunge. It is one of the most functional movements we do, and that’s why it should be part of a solid dynamic warm-up, at least in my humble opinion. The challenge with this fine pose, is most people attempt to straighten the back leg, even at the expense of super arching in the lower back. Next time keep the pelvis upright— think of the two hip points smiling from ear to ear, and the lower belly lifted slightly like perched lips. Ok I’am trying to be a little visual, but just keep the pelvis level and don’t let the movement go into the lower back, which it does when the pelvis drops forward – think of a frowning face. You could keep the hands on the ground for balance or arms lift arms half-way or all the way over head. This is great poses for the core- stretching the back leg hip flexors and many other benefits as well ! 

To get advanced, you can try to straighten the beg leg without arching. Namaste !


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