Refine your yoga – Arm Balance

In my class today we focused on Arm Balancing, which has many of the same qualities of Chaturanga or plank  except the shoulder and T-spine tend to go into to much of a protracted position. What I like to imprint during the practice is to use  non- weight bearing poses of the shoulders to teach  how to engage specific muscles to retract the blades even though they are in a protracted position. Eagle arms can be a great tool for this ! Bakasana is shown below – check out the reaching of chest without over compressing the cervical spine. Here a couple of points to remember




1. As always breath

2. Think of your body as being lighter

3. Pelvic floor engaged but not to raged ” aggressive”

4. Focus gaze a couple inches in front of hands – Retract shoulder blades until the sun comes up through your heart – keep neck long, place knees as high up the arms as possible.

5. Stabilize inner core and then root down through hands especially inner parts- Press the area under your knuckles get intimate with the floor. 

6. Faith- that you can hold yourself up – but not just from the arms – don’t rely on the tri-ceps to do everything. Once you get comfortable- bring heels towards buttocks.

7. Take the training wheels off and give it a try – place some cushions down in case you kiss the floor.

Good luck….. let me know how it goes




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