What in the Chaturanga is going on here.

Most of you know I love to teach alignment. This has been a passion of mine for many years. So lets talk about Scapular Stabilization for a little bit—  Forget the fancy definitions and deliveries. Basically when we come into this pose we have to resist gravity especially in the shoulder complex and Lower back.  Below is a list that I have found to be effective at helping to create stability and strength through our core and more.

1 – Breath – Every athlete and movement creature has known this for many years– feel the power of a complete and deep breath

2. Thoughts – Mental strength -Don’t give in- resist gravity- 

3. Navel lifting to chest so that spine stays in it’s neutral position, inner core engagement- coupled by reaching chest forward, which will keep blades on the back- and help to hug elbows in and keep hands grounded

4. Reach back through legs and heels extending from inner unit to outer unit.

5. Breath again and feel the steadiness and serenity.

Modifications – do it on you back or wall. Then you can out knees on the ground as well. Stay positive and patient.

Namaste !











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