Focused and Fearless

Good thursday to you, Congrats to U.S.A. will meet Belgium in the knock out stage. Have you wondered why, even when things are going well we tend to sometimes focus on the negatives. This reminds me of playing sports. The moment we finished the game there was always room for improvement. Wouldn’t it be great to hear the coach say –  “we won, perfect game -no practice for a week ” No the coach never says that because they know we have to stay focused and fearless. We should have the same discipline when it comes to our life. Wake up everyday with a desire to live and learn from each moment— whether we hit a Home run or strike out – we still have to train for the game !

So take some time and smell your thoughts – get to know what kind of player your are and work on your strengths, but more on your weaknesses  even more.

Namaste !


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