Welcome to monday

Had a full weekend of sports and yoga. Kings win the Stanley Cup and the Spurs beat the heat four games to one. Wow, some very improbable story lines. Which brings me the Yoga part as well.  Many times in our lives we have certain goals that we expect to fulfill because of the s actions we have taken, we feel entitled. However, we never know from game to game or from moment to moment what life will throw our way. This is a very challenging concept —- letting go of being attached to the results.

So spend some time in thought, sit, be quite and listen to your breath, thoughts and anything else that comes up. Usually after a couple of minutes the chatter starts to get less and less. Then we begin to find who we really are or what kind of player we are. From there let the games begin. It’s through our experiences: which I will call games, that develops our character and let’s us shine ! You will not always hit the ball – however you have to keep swinging !!



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