What does ice and life have in common ? — they can be slippery !

Welcome back — Being a sports connoisseur I just finished watching game four of the Stanley cup. The Rangers stayed alive with a fortuitous couple of slush stops ! Madison Square Garden magic 2-1 . New York lives to play another day, back in L.A. on friday. What a fantastic clean series this has been. So great for hockey ! After the game I watched a couple of interviews and noticed how different they are when compared to a basketball post game comments from the players. The most common word you hear in Basketball post game shows is Me, Mine, Me, I. Compared to hockey we,we,our,team. That why I love hockey because it’s truly a team sport.

Which gets me to my point – in life we all need teammates – that is we need to be there for people and we should allow them to be there for us ! Do your best to make time for others – your co players in life and they will make sure you are taken care of.

This reminds of a sanskrit word ” which by the way is what the Students in the Teacher Training have to write an essay about

Santosha — contentment ! stay in the moment and the moment will stay with you !

Namaste !


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