Faith and more Faith

Image     So many times in life it feels as if we get on a conveyor belt and forget to get off. One way in which we can dismount is to sit quietly and listen to our thoughts. They will not always be the most pleasant, however when we acknowledge our joy,deepest fears or insecurities, we take the power away from them. I don’t profess to know how long we have to sit with these obstacles, but that is where faith comes in. Trusting that everything will work out just the way it’s supposed to.

Find a place in your house where you feel really comfortable. Sit ,close your eyes and breath like you love it. Hear and feel this energy moving in and out of your body. Let the feelings flow through your mind, without attaching your ego to them. Keep breathing and breathing. Whatever you feel is o.k , love everything about yourself. Do this for five to ten minutes and if you are really motivated, write down in a journal what came up for you. Or you can share with me via e-mail or on the bog. Hope to hear from you

Love and Light


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