It’s in the game and on the mat

So what is the difference between winning ,losing or getting into the perfect pose or not. There are many answers depending on your own experiences. However, I have competed for a big part of my life and have been doing yoga for some time. I use my experience in sports to help me realize that you train hard and give everything you can and yet  at the end of the game you will win some and lose some. In life, yoga, sport or anything else – welcome challenges, because this is when you really get to shine ! 

Someone in class today asked if she was ever going to be more flexible, boy this is a common statement. Meanwhile there is usually plenty range of motion. My response to her after we laughed – is once you show up on your mat, field, court, ice or any other surface, just commit to do the best you can and then go out and enjoy the experience. 

A person is not great, because they have not yet failed 

A person is great because failure does not stop them.Image


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