Hello there, so as you know or don’t I’am in Dubai teaching a training for Yoga Works for two weeks. I was picked up  by a great person and friend Liz . The flight was long, fifteen hours, which is the longest I have ever been on one plane. It’s also the longest I will be away from my family ever, wow. Anyway many emotions running through my mind as I left, with my family waving to me. But what a great lesson to teach them about doing what you love and learning about how other people live !Image


Thank you to my Jane and everyone else for holding the fort down until I get back. Liz took me to the largest mall in the world and to be honest I felt like I was in las Vegas, which is o/k. The people have been very nice and the weather is pretty much the same as L.A. My flight was amazing Emirates is da-bomb. I’am off to bed and have the day off and then we begin the training on friday. I may go look at a mosque or some other sights and sounds. I will keep you posted. Namaste


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