Seeing, Swinging and Hitting












A couple of days ago, I heard a story about a windshield and a review mirror. It goes like this, if we were meant to look at our past all the time, then why is the review mirror so much smaller then the windshield, because we are meant to look towards the future out through the windshield and  receive all the gifts that it has to offer. Be present and not pastent – I know it’s not a word , but hey I ‘am from new York, never worried much about grammar .

As an athlete we know the kiss of death is when you let a mistake effect your play for the rest of the game, remember if a hitter in baseball gets a hit only three times out of ten for an average of three hundred, then they are successful. It doesn’t matter how many times you miss the ball, eventually if you keep swinging, good things will come. Nobody ever got a hit while in the batters box. So when you wake up, promise yourself to swing for the fences. 


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