Hello again, I do hope Monday has been a productive and positive day. If not it’s never to late ! This sunday the N.F.L will have a gazilion people watching the big game. So I figured it would be a good time for some news to hold us over. Thee number one area that players are afraid to hurt  based on this survey are the knees. That surprised me with all the attention on concussions. Part of the problem is so many players are afraid of getting punished for hits to the head, so they go for the knees. I believe we will see many careers shortened by these problems with the knees. But I guess the trade – off is cutting back on head injuries and who could argue against that.

You could do all the Yoga, weight training, running and anything else under the sun, but when a large and strong human being crashes into the knees at full speed,it can become a bad situation. Anyway I do hope we have an injury free game ….

USA TODAY Sports surveyed 293 players on 20 NFL teams and asked what body part they were most concerned about injuring in a game: 46 percent said knees or other parts of their legs, 24 percent said head and neck and 26 percent said none.


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