Football, Faith and Fun

Well, just finished the first weekend of the Yoga Works TT. Boy it’s so great to have  such a variety of people in the training. It reminds me of sports team in that so many different players come together on a team, but they all have the same goal. Very much like these trainings, many different players, but all there to transform their lives ! The whole is only as good as the parts whether it be a team or training. We practice to develop a game plan. Then we have fun and the faith that the preparation was enough. 

This week we have two extremely tasty match ups in football Tom against Peyton, even though they will never be on the field together. Wouldn’t be awesome if they duked it out at midfield to see who gets the kick-off. What a great story Peyton is, after having that neck surgery, many said he would not have the strength. Just take a look at that third and seventeen.

On the NF.C side the Niners travel to the most difficult place on football earth, to play Seattle. That should be the super bowl in my opinion.

Anyway do the right things and then have the faith that your hard work has paid off and then have some fun.


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