Last night while I was tossing and turning in bed I started thinking about a story I watched of a man who was arrested for supposedly killing his wife. After spending twenty five years in jail, and being apart from his son who was six at the time of the murder, the judge made a plea deal and offered the man freedom, if he showed remorse for his crime. He told his lawyer that the only thing he had left was his honesty and declined the deal. Eventually, he was proven not guilty through D.N.A. His name was Michael, these are his words ” being in jail forced me to take self inventory over and over and though I wish I wasn’t there, I ‘am glad I had the time to reflect”. Watching this man smile and not show any real bitterness, left me in amazement and made me think about how many times in life I feel wronged even if it’s as trivial as someone cutting me off or not returning my calls and I let it get the best of me. Or we try to take a shortcut and not be true to ourselves in order to have it easier. Living in this life means we will have situations that we are not happy with, but if this man. who spent twenty five years in jail can have a smile on his face and use this experience to better his life, then perhaps we can do a better job with our challenges. 

I will leave you with three things he said he learnt from being in jail

1 —- God is real, 2 —God is much smarter then me, 3 — God loves me 



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