Life Improvements — not so fast



During these holidays, I know it’s tempting to want to make so many changes to our lives for the new year. Having this awareness is great, but don’t forget all the great things you already have. Many of you know I used to work doing home improvements, This is why I like to use many structural examples. When you add on to a house, you usually keep the foundation intact and then build from there. Just like our lives, keep your foundation intact and then make changes, from that stability. My neighbor has been adding on to his existing house, so I decided to use his roof as my canvas— I must say two stories up on a slanted roof was a little scary, but I made sure I was grounded. So while we all have this urge to purge, also reflect on your tools that you have acquired as well.

Last week of N.F.L—  win or go home for the Packers and Cowboys.

By the way If your looking for a fantastic way to deepen your practice or acquire  the skills to become a teacher. This is your chance –  Yoga Works is running a Holiday Special  which includes: early bird price ($3200) free TT text books and a YW strap and eye-pillow if they sign up before the end of December!

Call  Christine Frost – YogaWorks Teacher Training







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