Monday’s Musings

Happy Monday,  What a great christmas party we had for Yoga Works. It’s really nice to go to a party and actually like all the people who are present. My voice is a bit shore, but surprisingly my body feels o.k, even after a night of groovin. When I got home last night I watched all the football action that I missed. Unfortunately the Giants got pounced by the Chargies. Also some bad injuries to some really great players, such as The gronk and A.P , this weekend I had the pleasure of talking and teaching about injuries with yoga students. The underlying question is why some people are more prone to injuries then others. There is really no great explanation, however I did study with Gray Cook , who developed the Functional Movement Screen – to see if they can find movement patterns that are lacking from one side to the other. these asymmetries seem to be a possible pre curser for future problems. But who really knows – Can the mind be stressed, tough time in one’s life, bad movements,  bad luck, bad eating, wrong clothes etc…

 Anyway take some time today to be grateful for every breath and step you take — wow that sounds like a song lol. We never know when things can change – so take a breath and be thankful ……

Namaste — 


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