The Three P’s

The weekend is over and it’s back to work ! The good news is we still have monday night football. Lately,I have been doing Yoga and movement stuff with some young athletes. Boy I can’t imagine staying with Yoga at a young age. My dad made me do yoga at fourteen, however that only lasted one week. These kids, have shown tremendous focus and commitment. Just like many of the people that come in and out of the Yoga rooms daily. Even though these populations may be different in age,athletics etc….there are many similarities – such as persistence-patience and practice. When you wake up tomorrow take a couple of minutes to notice if there are any thoughts or situations that are holding you back and then put them through the three P’s filter and they will change for the better. Because whatever we give attention to will grow. It’s the same when we move, the more we do it correctly, the better our movement becomes. Have a great monday morning –  Go out and create your own season ! NamasteImage


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