Live and learn and try not to get burned by the same flame over and over.

What does it mean , when someone you know has had five car accidents in the same place over eight months.  To me maybe I think about changing  my route. That would be a great first step, however then I would delve a little deeper and figure out what am I supposed to learn from theses experiences. It reminds me of when I used to play ball. If I kept striking out on the same pitch , hopefully at some point I would try to hit a different pitch. This is also a great analogy for life. In that you will not always have the perfect day or game – If we can learn from everything we go through, then all things that happen to us can be a great learning experience.

Those of you who do yoga, it’s like that with postures as well. Whether you have done warrior one hundreds of times or not , let your experience of the pose be brand new !! Be an infant practitioner.By the way enjoy L.S.U and Bama today .

Word on the street is that I’am getting a retreat together in Ireland, Maybe you will come and hang out with me . Details to follow


Namaste !


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