Be your own Player- Coach,G.M and Warrior Two

Hello again, I hope you’re weekend was nice ! Wouldn’t be great if everyday was like this. But wait a minute it can be— The choice is up to us what kind of morning, day or evening we are going to have. So start using the mind in a positive way and you too could score a touchdown, goal or even hit a three pointer. It really doesn’t matter as long as we enjoy the game…. on a side notr- I was teaching warrior two pose today and what I tend to notice is people start going into the knee and lower back because of hip restrictions —- That’s not fair for the knee and lower back – make sure to let that front hip drop so the knee and back don’t have to do the work of the hip

HOW –Engage lower belly and lift it up — then slowly drop the hip — making sure to keep knee with ankle— very little  rotation of knee. As you drop press into pose the press heel of front foot and firm outer front hip in – the whole time making sure to use your core– go up and down to create this kinetic pattern. Then hold for a bit

When done correctly for you ‘re body, then the hip joint is mo-stability– has motion with stability. The knee and back are then free to do what they should be doing, going along for the ride.

Sort of like life, when we try to make someone else do our job, then we steal their time. Be responsible for your own team.  Namaste !


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