Titles, Teammate’s and Truth

             Hello again, I hope today is offering you everything you need to love and be loved. I was just reading something about Kevin Durant, expressing how obsessed he was with winning the N.B.A title last year, that he was not enjoying his craft or life. He was called for fifteen technical’s last year, which was more then he had the previous five combined. He also said he was a horrible teammate. I had the pleasure of meeting him when I was at University of Texas, and he seemed really grounded and pleasant. But the ego will get the best of us at times.

            Yesterday I was having a talk in class about how we take something that gives us joy and happiness and then we put all these expectations on this gift and it turns into pain and pressure and we become limited. When this happens try to strip all of the ego stuff away and find your real reason for doing what you do. The ironic thing is, you will be much more connected with your light and also bring out that light in the others  ! You may always get what you want, but hopefully you will be happier doing it.

Namaste !



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