The Good, The Bad, and The Unknown

Hello all, hope you are ready for the world series that begins tonight. For most of us our teams did not make the big game- however if you are a fan of the Cards and Red Sox congrats. I have been thinking much as of late— scary thought, but like I said my sports teams couldn’t be doing any worse–  Flyers – 1-7, N.Y Giants 1-6, needless to say I have had a good amount of free time. While my thoughts were circling in my mind, I began to realize, I tend to categorize things into compartments:

The good and the bad ones: how limiting it is for me to judge my thoughts before I even  had time to really process and experience  them. So I added another group the unknown ones. You see once we label something and believe that to be true, then we have killed all sense of creativity ! So go home and watch the good, the bad and the unknown lol. No seriously take the time to pause and not judge what goes on in your mind so quickly, and just maybe you will create some new motorways. 

Cursing update —- I’am know in my third week and it hasn’t been as good as my first half, the more I pay attention the better it goes — what a lesson. If you want to grow grass — you have to constantly take care of it – otherwise weeds will grow absence of  nurturing thoughts.



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