Third day – going all the way ! almost.

Today my Philly Flyers started their season, I’am talking Hockey . – so I knew tonight could be challenging in the language department, especially since we stunk last year ! However, today I drove up to Santa Barbara to see my uncle. What  beautiful scenery as usual. Traffic was heavy as soon as I got on at the 10- 405 junction. I took a couple of breaths and stayed in one lane, committed to stay cool. After a couple of miles we were moving faster and I had a conversation with my dear friend Malissa about life and stuff and the f- word did slip out, but I immediately called a mulligan – Then I got behind a tractor trailer for five minutes as my penalty ! I had dinner with my uncle Bobby and we started talking politics as his brother used to be a congressmen, back when they actually got things done. Anyway I had two more slips this time the curse that rhymes with pit. After we ate I drove back home and it was clean sailing. I started watching my Flyers and of course they lost their opening game — we took a one nothing lead, and finally losing the way the flyers usually lose – bad goal late in the game — but no worries I just chose to shut the t.v off and leave the bad energy in the screen. So three little slips, but being mindful in this way is really challenging and liberating at the same time. 

I figure practice puts your brains in your muscles. 


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