Day two — Whew

My second day of not swearing got off to a stellar start. Took my kids to school, we had a nice walk and talk in the morning. Dropped them off and then drove to work, doing my best not to switch lanes to much. It’s important to pay attention to the smallest clues that move us in the wrong direction. For me it’s switching lanes to often,  which tends to get me moving without actually moving if you know what I mean. Anyway I had a conversation with a friend and did use the f word, but only to repeat what he had said. So technically I really didn’t curse, but if it was sports it would go down on the books. After that I had a great game until late this evening while talking to another friend I used it once more . All in all three errors and many good plays to make this a solid game on day two.

It’s not winning or losing but how you play the game of life ! 


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