Day One ! Done

Today I started really paying attention to my thoughts and words, when it comes to using profanity. Which has been a challenge, being from New York  and my upbringing . When I first started teaching Yoga. My oldest brother Bobby, visited me many years ago. Bobby was also my sports coach when I was younger. At the end of class, I’am thinking he will tell me how great I’am as a teacher or at least some acknowledgement. But what he did say was it was the longest he heard me talk without cursing since I was ten years old, wow . So much for expectations, this was a real nice observation of him. However once I was out of class my language would tend to get a little rougher. But lately I have been paying attention to what I say and I can see how my thinking influence my use of words , and then, how my words influence my actions as well.

       Being a father of two precious girls is motivation enough. So I have a very solid game plan and I will give it my best not to curse. My first day was a success, no cursing the whole day, I even stayed in the same lane all the way to work, only using my horn once—-  Failing to plan is planning to Fail !

Let the games begin……

peace and light !!


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