Control , Load, Endurance and stress : Keys to a healthy lower back and life

These factors can go a long way in rehabbing and keeping a healthy Lower back, according to spine expert Stuart Magill. Strong is great, however having symmetrical movement patters is important as well. Here is an excerpt from an interview with Mr Magill.

Stage four focuses on developing strength, while stage five aims at increasing speed and power. Would you explain the difference?
 Stage four specifically focuses on training multi-articular functional strength by training patterns of movement . This ensures that strength is developed in a balanced way throughout the body linkage so that there are no weak links. Incidentally, our work with competitors in world-class strongman events has shown time and again how a strong core radiates strength outwards to more distal parts of the body linkage. Thus, abdominal bracing is emphasized in an effort to create greater stability and stiffness during loaded athletic and occupational movements. Bracing is taught in an upright unloaded position; then we progressively transfer this bracing to conventional and/or functional training methods. This is a foundational method of strength and injury prevention.
 Once the foundation of strength has been achieved, stage five is optional, depending on the goals of the individual. 


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