Quality of movement over Quantity of movement – Just like life !!

Great article by, Dr. Stuart M. McGill  a professor of spine biomechanics at the University of Waterloo.

Many training programs have the objectives of strengthening muscle and increasing spine range of motion. This is problematic for some because those who have more motion in their backs have a greater risk of having future back troubles. Strength may, or may not, help a particular individual because strength without control and endurance to repeatedly execute perfect form increases risk. Interestingly, the differences between many ‘‘troubled backs’’ (the chronic back with recurrent episodes) and matched asymptomatic controls per- forming the same jobs have been shown to be variables other than back strength or mobility. Rather deficits in motion and motor patterns have been documented as being more critical and thus should be targets during exercise.

For example, people with troubled backs use their backs more. Generally, they walk, sit, stand, and lift using there lower back


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