Movement may be magical; But the brain has the game !!

While we all appreciate effortless movement, whether it be in sport ,dancing and any other discipline. The real magic begins in the brain. This well orchestrated system– prepares the physical body, for any type of movement–It’s very much like when the space shuttle takes off. All systems go.   However when something throws our system off through injury or stress, then our movement patterns become inhibited. — just like the electricity in our houses. Think of blinking lights as an example . Sometimes we need to reset the breaker and re- calibrate. Because no matter how strong or flexible one is – if the brain and our motor control is off— then the body is off.

This is what is meant by Core Stability Firing up the right muscles in the right sequence and at the right time– to prepare for take off.

In the next post we will look at how to try a couple of exercises to test our core system….

Namaste   !!!!



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