How to use your Yoga and movement’s wisely

That’s a great question and one that changes over time as we change. We hear many teachers and doctors a like telling us to listen to our bodies. However that can be a very difficult task, trying to do something that maybe we have never done before. A smart way to start, is with small movements that connect the brain to the body be like a detective exploring in what ways the body can move. Remember when we were babies, we did these type’s of investigative movements throughout. That is how we evolved. So be patient with yourself when starting any activity, allow the body to get acclimated on many levels. This is the same as learning to the individual steps at the ballet bar before you dance across the room. Or learning to do the roadwork before you ever get into the boxing ring to fight. Then we get comfortable and our confidence builds. Then a desire to do that activity more regularly arises . Remember we usually don’t do things for a long period of time if we don’t enjoy it, That is unless you’re a youngster.

Simple exercise—-  Have a glass of wine, put on music and shake it like a polaroid picture— this means just dance—- have a kiki, a.k.a Party


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