Hello again, hope your holidays were fruitful, joyful and playful. As a full time teacher of movement and many other things. I often get together with other co- teachers and discuss sports, NOT. For the most part we talk shop and the conversation always seems to come back to our teaching and the students. As a sports connoisseur I’m amazed at the  different philosophies each coach adheres to. Sometimes the system works and other times it doesn’t. It depends on the player. They say there is a coach for every player and a player for every coach. One of my teacher’s who I disliked very much was actually one of the best teachers I had ” MR. Giordano my history teacher “— he was a  pain in my — but I always  learned from him. I did learn the subject but more importantly he taught me about being responsible and accountable for my actions.  WHAT ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT ATTRIBUTES YOU HAVE GAINED FROM A TEACHER OR MENTOR IN YOUR LIFE. WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU !




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