When I watch sports on T.V I often think why did they make that terrible play. Of course from my couch I always feel I could do better. But this question of why, resonates with me often. Anytime we ask ourselves why, it means we are in the moment and hopefully we can do as Dale Carnegie say’s — try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. In sports, football players don’t fumble or miss a tackle on purpose. Basketball players don’t put up bad shot’s or miss a free throw because they want to. It just happens. So the next time somebody does something that you find ridiculous or offensive, pause for a moment and remember, to try to see it from their point of view. The best athletes realize this and get ready for the next play, so why don’t we just move on and improve our game plan as well.

A little exercise to prove this point — close your eyes and think back on all you choices you have made and if all of them were perfect then stop reading, but if you come to the conclusion that we all have made some bone headed decision’s then forgive others as well.

Namaste !


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