Courage to be Calm

Why don’t we all get together in our minds and meet and chooses to be calm on this great Friday. Let the energy and meaning of this word – influence the way you move, think and act. If you get in a challenging situation, just know it’s your choice – how that reaction will be.

It’s very much like when a football team blitz’s, the  opposing quarterback has to remain calm at all times to see the whole field— like we have to be aware of our surroundings because we are our own QB’S  .

By the way studied with  great P.T  and trainer Gray Cook—  he has developed a fantastic movement screen, which he has used on many patients and N.F.L players to see where they may have deficits. Once they identify these movement flaws ,they use certain movements to correct theses imbalances . The great news for us Yogi’s is many of these poses are the same as our  Yoga asanas.


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