Moving, Snow and living

Hello again, Vegas on Sunday was fantastic— talking to my friend Jeanne and discussing how different  it is to teach yoga to people outside of L.A. whom you have never met before. When you watch them for the first time it’s an opportunity to get an unbiased view of their movements patterns. In many instances our own beliefs and expectations color’s our perception’s. The body doesn’t lie.

A simple but effective exercise is to notice your habits of how you move—- write them down … What foot always leads up and down stairs—- which side to you tie your sneakers first, what hand to you always hold the phone… and so on—- then write them down and the next day try to reverse the way you move and you will notice how hard and funny it may seems.

Update in New York —- as if they weren’t being challenged enough, now they have snow coming down on them— hang in there BIG APPLE !!!

It’s not winning or losing it’s how you choose to live..





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