Hello again, have had some interesting computer troubles but, I’m a better person for it !  Two computers fixed for under $ 500 dollars good deal. Hope you all had a great halloween. When you have children at the right age this holiday is priceless. Let’s all take a long second and some whatever we can back east. I believe we all get tested based on how much we can handle— and of course New York has the most resilient people in America and I guess that’s why they get so many challenges because the Boss up there realizes these people will  come back stronger.    

Sports update—Hockey still on strike very sad when people can agree on how to separate billions of dollars. I wonder what the guy who sells concessions thinks about this greed.   

Yoga has been keeping me busy and aware as much as I allow it to be —- Jut finished spending a couple of days with a tremendous and gifted educator and P.T Gray Cook. His knowledge and understanding of how we move has given me some new tools and also made me realize how amazing the human body is. Finishing up a training in Los Angeles which has allowed me to be with 30 committed Yogi’s and A great TT group — have a new friend and wonderful teacher Jeanne H who also like’s sports. When you are thinking about teaching and movement remember to be aware of who is front of you and how can you best serve them and not yourself—- get out of the box and ask




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