Your Garden

Think about this— Before we start growing veggies, we have to make sure the soil is just right. Also the   sun light has to be present. So needless to say planting takes planning. Which leads us to this little exercise for the weekend. Get in a relaxing position, laying or seated and close your eyes and start to breathe in a relaxing way. Start to visualize  what three traits that you would like to cultivate in your life.  Make sure to see each one clearly and notice the energy attached to them.

Then imagine that you are planting a garden and pick three veggies that coincide with each characteristic. Now plant the seeds and make sure you cultivate the right environment for these plants. After some time they grow and you are able to take a piece of the three vegetables that have grown—– connect veggie with traits and take a bite and feel the energy passing through your body. Do this two more times and feel how each one affects you…… Notice all the little molecules circulating through your body, mind and spirit !!!!

Make sure to keep your garden in you mind, body and spirit fertile to germinate your fantastic seeds for your plants ”

Namaste !!! By the way what did you plant—in class today many planted tomatoes.


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