Good Morning, treat yourself to a nice hug !  I was sitting quietly for a couple of minutes right after I had worked on some performance core control movements. I did some stuff on a swiss ball and got to think about friction and the amount of force needed to move objects.

Take the ball for instance, not much force is needed because the ball does not create that much friction on the earth. However I had been doing a bit of yard work and I was trying to slide a big rock across the floor. This was tremendously difficult, because the amount of force needed  had to be enough to overcome the friction and weight created by the rock. On the other hand If I was a ball there would be very little friction I   So the biggest question is are you gong to be a ball and  be influenced by the everything or a heavy rock that doesn’t move


Exercise: Get in a comfy seated position   notice the sweet sound  of the air going in and out of your kifr.—- ” Ask this  the question”  — how do I feel right know— 

Then I started thinking, would I like to be that immovable ball  or the heavy stone.










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