What a great sunday— stayed  in my P.J’S until 12 noon. Then watched the Flyers win in O.T over the not to liked Devils. After did some house painting and finally  a Yoga meeting for The Professional Program.  Know that’s a full and fantastic day !  The only reservation I have is, what if my hockey team lost–then my whole day would have been very disappointing. Which is completely against what I  teach and  try to practice  ”  practice with no attachment to the result or fruits of our labor.”

So I would like all of us to take a couple of moments tonight or in the morning and close your eyes and start to feel your breath moving through your body like a positive flow of energy— notice how warm and nurturing it feels— then, say these words to yourself —- I will be fine  if I don’t get  ………. you fill in the blanks,  About something you really feel you need .             Say it five times— let it affect you…… and you will soon realize that you are the same person at that very moment. You didn’t really need that thing for your survival. Namaste !!!!





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