Empowerment, Empathy and being Human

Good Morning,  Tell yourself that this day is perfect even if it seems  imperfect. Last night I was finishing watching the hockey games and then a bunch of advertisements came on… They had an hour special on anxiety and depression. My usual reaction would have been to shut it off and say to the people on the T.V just get over it.

However after going through some of my own demons, I really do have empathy and understanding. Depression really defies logic and the people that have it ,really don’t want it. The word that kept coming up on the T.V. ,was empowerment—- I love that word. Because we have to believe we have the power to change period. Fortunately I have learned to listen , laugh and love my demons, but it was a process. So the next time you hear someone talk about being depressed and feeling a lot of anxiety, give them a hug and let them know you care.

EXERCISE—Sit still and quiet for 5 mins and think of someone that needs your love and attention and send whatever thoughts that would help them—- this could also for yourself.



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