Give the Back Some Slack

Studies out there have shown a correlation between hip-joint limitation and lower back disfunction and pain. Contrary to popular opinion this doesn’t always mean tightness. In fact those who suffer from lower back problems can have to much movement in that section of the spine. So why not learn more about your’ re back and how to use yoga as a fantastic tool.

Back by popular demand, Doctor Brenden Murray and myself will be doing another workshop on the back.

September 17th at yoga works westwood 12:30 -3:30, due to the high demand we are   limiting space this time !!!!!

September 24th costa mesa yoga works 1:00 – 4:00

Her are some comments from previous workshop:

In this workshop, I learned that strengthening specific core muscles is the key to a healthy back and spine.  I can integrate the exercises presented in this workshop into my life with the intention of creating a heightened awareness for my body . Combining the wisdom of yoga from Thomas and the knowledge of medical science from Dr. Murray will help anyone who teaches or suffers from back pain.        Stacie Reeve


One thought on “Give the Back Some Slack

  1. I miss your blog posts! It’s bad enough I can’t get to class but at least I had your words of wisdom popping up still! I hope you start again! I just started my own blog too, mainly about spinning…


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