Principles Of Practice” Do Nothing But Be”

I was sitting here pondering about the meaning of practice, so I looked it up  and found these definitions.

  • a method of learning by repetition
  • Practice (social theory), a theoretical term for human action in society
  • Spiritual practice  s the regular or full-time performance of actions and activities undertaken for the goal of cultivating spiritual development
  • Standards & Practices, a conventional, traditional, or otherwise standardised method
Then I reflected on my different practices I have had in my life. When I played basketball I practiced dribbling and shooting all the time, when I put on the cleetes or spikes for baseball and football – going to the batting cage , catching baseballs , running routes to catch footballs and tackling were the main components.
                                            When I took up boxing my practice was building up my stamina , learning to hit as quick and as hard as I could, and avoiding getting punched. When my coach realized I was not good at the avoidance concept, I took up dancing: Ballet,Tap  and Jazz—-  I focused on flexibility, coordination, and beats the beats in songs. The one common denominator was that I loved trying new forms of movement. Especially ones that were goal driven. because there had to be a winner and loser right?
But the great characteristic of Yoga is we are not practicing to accomplish anything outside of ourselves, on the contrary  , we are practicing the art of being rather then doing. THIS IS SO FANTASTIC AND SOOOO DIFFICULT, THAT’S WHY I LOVE IT!    NAMASTE

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