Who Am I ?

So I just finished some breathing and trying to chill my mind down with meditation.  With my eyes closed my mind was acting like a two year old trying to get a parents attention—-the more I ignored the more my mind made noise. Finally it settled down somewhat, and I started to get the sense that someone else was in the room watching me. There were two of us, the person lying down and the person noticing.  My identity shifted back and forth—- I was laying relaxing, but I was also watching —–   In life this Who Am I question is very pertinent. I strive to be the person living, being and doing. Instead of the one watching, judging and procrastinating.


When you go to sleep tonight look in the mirror and ask yourself out loud  the question WHO AM I—-repeat as many times as you need to peel back the layers until you feel get a sense of the real WONDERFUL  YOU !!!! Namaste


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