Tuesday morning glory with your child

Good morning, Move yourself to a comfortable seated position or if laying down is better, then do that. Make sure this is an area of your house that makes you feel at ease. Close your eyes and for today lets start scanning your body from head to toe, stay with any areas that call your attention. Jaw, chest, hips are a few places where we hold tremendous emotions. Breath deeply and let the cascading breath nourish your heart, soul and body. Then picture yourself as a child, whatever age comes into your mind is fine. Take a real good look at this child, notice the way he or she is living whether it be playing,drawing,eating or just sitting. Feel the joy of witnessing such a vibrant little person. Please accept any other feelings that come up, remember they are just feelings. Take a look at your child’s face and notice the expression. Do this for as long as you want at least five minutes.  Keep breathing deep inhales and exhales, then take one last look at the child and put him or her  in a special place within you. Throughout the day check in and say hello and ask how they are doing.



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