I hope that your sunday is filled with joy, happiness and of course football. There is a story about two monks crossing the desert, one elder one, who is training the younger monk the way of life. They come to a river and an attractive women is waiting on the bank of the river. She asks if they could help her get across because she doesn’t know how to swim. The younger student picks her up and put her on his shoulder and carries her across. He lets the woman down and she thanks him and goes her own way. The two monks start to walk away and the older wiser monk is shaking his head, to this the young monk inquires “why are you shaking your head”. The reply ” son I’m trying to teach you about life including temptations, and you pick up a woman an attractive female at that ”  you have gone against these principles. The young man turns to his elder and says ” sir I have left that girl behind and yet you’re still talking about her.

Ask yourself Is there anything in your life that you are to attached to. Then  let it go, have faith. Namaste


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  1. I haven’t been able to comment on this!

    On Sunday I mistakenly left my phone at home. I was without it for oh I don’t know? 4-6 hours? Being without it made me realize how attached to it I am! Your post was so apropos to my day.

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