What type of yoga classes do you enjoy ? let us know

For me it depends what time of day it is or the way I’m feeling. Sometimes I like to hold poses and really get a sense of feeling my connection to the steadiness of the earth. Other times It’s great to just let the body flow or move in a way that is carefree connecting to the energy of the sky.


6 thoughts on “What type of yoga classes do you enjoy ? let us know

  1. Very well said Brian! 🙂 I am so proud of you, amazing work! Love this website so much. You have such an amazing way of writing. I have never done Yoga before, but I would love to try it someday. You sound like you are very passionate about it and your words also sound very calm and relaxing like Yoga is.

  2. Lately I’m in the mood for a nice restorative class. Bring on the blankets and the bolsters! I generally prefer to hold poses rather than too much flow, but I enjoy those as well at other times. Most of all, I love Thomas’ Tues / Thurs early morning classes- I get up at 6 am for them!

  3. what kind of yoga classes do I enjoy? I am with Zara! I used to love love love the harder workout but now I say low light, long deep holds, Yin style ( YES!) restorative, with maybe a little sun salutations thrown in every now and then.

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