Tell us your first yoga experience

Hi  everyone,  As most of you know, I am doing a Teacher Training In Westlake Village beginning in February which I am very excited about. However it means I will have to take some time off from my sunday’s 10:15 at west wood. This has been one of my favorite classes for the last six years. It has been an honor and blessing to have had so many of you beginning your yoga journey with me ! So in leu of this change, I would like to hear from anyone regarding their first yoga experience which surely must have been interesting. I was 16 when I had my first Yoga Class with my dad in the living room at 6 AM! The show was called was Lilia’s Hatha yoga. I did not like it to say the least, at 6am what 16 year old would. Anyway that was many years ago and to my dad’s credit, that was great insight. Now it’s a big part of my life ! SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH A COMMENT



17 thoughts on “Tell us your first yoga experience

  1. it was in college, like you i was forced into doing it and dreaded but after the class was over i loved it and have done it regularly i could totally relate dude!

  2. My first experience with yoga….LA Fitness, my instructor was a cute 5’2″ Swedish woman and every time she would say “as close as you can” *as in, reach your hands together as close as you can* All I heard was “eskimo says you can.” EPIC.

  3. Hi Thomas,
    Years ago, I took a yoga class through a community center where the majority of the class we were flat on our backs in complete silence…that included lots of funky breathing (kundalini style) which completely baffled me at whatever age I was!!

  4. My first yoga experience was when I showed up for an early morning class with you, Thomas! By the end of the class, you had us in a L-pose with our hands on the ground and feet flat against the wall, our bodies making a right angle. I remember walking away from class thinking, “That was the most fun I’d had since I gave up ballet years ago!” And I also remember realizing that I had only gotten ~5% out of the class, since I had yet to gain the strength, flexibility, and control of my breath. Thank you for a wonderful introduction to yoga!

  5. My first yoga experience was about five years ago. I was inspired by a friend to try it, so I took a few classes at a studio in the valley. I remember not understanding how to use the props and being discouraged by seeing some of the students stand on their head. As you can imagine, my impression was not a positive one. About year later I tried it again at a more familiar place, but I still did not get hooked. It wasn’t until I took Thomas class two years ago that I finally started to enjoy it. I like that he explains how the poses affect our body and mind while at the same time having fun in class. Now I practice regularly, and it’s a passion. Thank you, Thomas!

  6. Hi Thomas!

    My first real yoga class was at Yoga Works in June of 2005. It was a student teacher class, in the room where the pilates are now. I went with my friend Monica and had no clue what any of the poses were. I don’t really remember much of it, other then I was pretty darn stiff! I still remember the first class I had with you! I had been going to Mynx’s class for a few weeks and you were her sub. I switched to your classes after that!


  7. My first class was a Kundalini class at UCLA in 1970! The teacher wore a turban and told us how he had totally reformed himself through yoga — he had changed his whole lifestyle. I was impressed by his dedication. I don’t specifically remember any of the poses, however. I remember him telling us to breathe. It wasn’t until many years later when I busted a rib and punctured my lung in a cycling accident that I truly realized how important every breath is. I miss yoga (and TT’s classes!) and am still aiming to get back at it. Everyone should really appreciate his/her good health and the ability to move, to breathe, to be.

  8. My first “real” yoga class was in the now defunct YogaWorks studio in Beverly Hills. I gave it a try at at gym one time years prior to that but it didn’t ring true to me. It took a couple of years to try again and once I found that little gem of a studio within walking distance to my home, I was both intrigued and happy to have found yoga. It was a student teacher who taught the class (Michael something), he moved back to the east coast after the session was up and shortly after that the studio closed. Fortunately for me (and for YogaWorks), they gave the students 5 free classes at any other YogaWorks studio which really opened up my world to all that is in the world of Yoga. I took Amy Lafond’s classes at the Larchmont studio and student teacher classes in the teeny tiny room at Westwood (notably Olivia Barry, Kathryn Budig, Al Tavera and Brock Cahill). I was hooked!

  9. Wow, pretty much sums up my first experience. Loyola Marymount Univ. at the gym, the teacher always started with Nadi Sodhana (alternate nostril pranayama). Each of us laying down counting 20 rounds quietly to ourself backward. I remember panicing about losing count and failing. . .by the time I made it to one, all that panic was gone. Class was only an hour, but it only took an hour to captured my heart and soul.

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