Take a few moments during your time with family and friends and give them a hug or handshake. Take a look at the sky, smell the flowers, pet a few dogs, let the person in front of you have your parking spot and help an elderly person with their groceries.  Most importantly  don’t forget about treating  yourself with love, respect and appreciation.


Lay or sit up – Close your eyes and feel your body on the earth- notice your breath- slow inhales and slow exhales- then create a  kite  in your imagination. Notice the colors, shapes any symbols that you like. Make it fun.

Imagine that you are on the beach, feel the wind, hear the waves and notice anything that grabs your attention in a positive way.  Get a sense of the openness all around. Notice how that makes you feel.

In your mind, launch the kite, slowly at first, just giving enough space for it to take flight, pause, notice how it’s reacting to the wind. See the relationship between the string, wind , you and the kite.  This is a give and take friendship. Constant adjustments need to be made depending on what’s happening around you. Sometimes  the string  needs to be let go of  and give the kite more space to grow other times you need to hold on to the string and reel in the kite for support and strength.

After 5-7 minutes  bring the kite back in set it down besides where you are sitting or laying – think of areas in life where you are too controlling and afraid to let go and remember how you gave the kite space to experience and explore.

Then what areas of your life do you need some support and confidence, just like when you pulled on the string to stabilize the kite .

As you move through your Friday use this exercise to let go and be strong all at once.

Have Faith in yourself and the universe !!



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