Wednesday  Meditation:

Begin either laying or sitting down, close your eyes and notice how your breath is moving in and out. Like the ocean’s waves.  Do this for a couple of minutes.

Next  look into a mirror see your reflection,  become aware of every little feature – expression, posture, eyes, energy, attitude etc……  Take your time  3-5 minutes

Then notice how  this reflection changes when you are happy,confident and content. Again see every feature. The eyes,face, the way you stand and look etc…. 3-5 min

Now think of a recent time or situation when you felt bad,depressed, stuck or not happy. Really taste this experience through your  senses. 3-5 min

After a couple of minutes freeze this negative moment and then go back to the positive reflection when you were happy,confident and content.

let the new image feed you and notice that your attitude, energy and actions have become positive based on seeing yourself in this way. Of course the outcome would also change

Remember we can’t change the environment around us, per say. But we can sure change the way we react. Empower Yourself!




One thought on “REFLECTIONS

  1. Nice blog but I think you should sign your posts …makes it more personal.

    Namaste from Kate who likes the window cracked

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