Being Thankful !

I know it’s really tempting to get into the spirit of being thank during the holiday season, and that’s fantastic, however being thankful is not and should not be holiday dependent. So let the holiday season inspire you for the rest of the year to be thankful…..



Saturday – strength and serenity

Happy weekend. Getting ready to do a little yin and yang workout-  Boxing and Yoga. It helps to keep me strong and flexible. By the time I’am done, I feel like a calm and content stream. Do what feeds your energy in the most positive and profound way. Then bask in this wonderful environment, that you created.  Finally, be generous and share it with others.


Just a little respect – for your body no matter what the shape or size !

tumblr_l2bjj2EUHC1qb7axt   After teaching boxing,dancing and yoga for many years, it never ceases to amaze me, how unique we all are. So, the next time you look over and see that yoga diva whipping out pose after pose. Remember we are born with our own set of bones and body ! Not doing a pose or working to your limit is what Yoga and loving yourself is all about !

Celebrate your existence …

It ain’t over until the last down-ward dog !

Reflections and reflecting

Good monday morning, I just wanted to say that you are an amazing person and I’am so glad you are in my life. Then I open my eyes and see that I’am talking to an incredibly beautiful image , then I say, I love what I see as I look in the mirror. Try having a conversation for a few moments a day with yourself, it just might be the most productive talk you have. Namaste !













Asana Corner —Lunge – Crescent


Hello yogis and sports fans alike, well not really alike except in there affinity for movement. Popular in athletics and yoga is the lunge. It is one of the most functional movements we do, and that’s why it should be part of a solid dynamic warm-up, at least in my humble opinion. The challenge with this fine pose, is most people attempt to straighten the back leg, even at the expense of super arching in the lower back. Next time keep the pelvis upright— think of the two hip points smiling from ear to ear, and the lower belly lifted slightly like perched lips. Ok I’am trying to be a little visual, but just keep the pelvis level and don’t let the movement go into the lower back, which it does when the pelvis drops forward – think of a frowning face. You could keep the hands on the ground for balance or arms lift arms half-way or all the way over head. This is great poses for the core- stretching the back leg hip flexors and many other benefits as well ! 

To get advanced, you can try to straighten the beg leg without arching. Namaste !

Refine your yoga – Arm Balance

In my class today we focused on Arm Balancing, which has many of the same qualities of Chaturanga or plank  except the shoulder and T-spine tend to go into to much of a protracted position. What I like to imprint during the practice is to use  non- weight bearing poses of the shoulders to teach  how to engage specific muscles to retract the blades even though they are in a protracted position. Eagle arms can be a great tool for this ! Bakasana is shown below – check out the reaching of chest without over compressing the cervical spine. Here a couple of points to remember




1. As always breath

2. Think of your body as being lighter

3. Pelvic floor engaged but not to raged ” aggressive”

4. Focus gaze a couple inches in front of hands – Retract shoulder blades until the sun comes up through your heart – keep neck long, place knees as high up the arms as possible.

5. Stabilize inner core and then root down through hands especially inner parts- Press the area under your knuckles get intimate with the floor. 

6. Faith- that you can hold yourself up – but not just from the arms – don’t rely on the tri-ceps to do everything. Once you get comfortable- bring heels towards buttocks.

7. Take the training wheels off and give it a try – place some cushions down in case you kiss the floor.

Good luck….. let me know how it goes